Let's Vote For TK Jiang To Win Asia's Got Talent

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Hi Huneybees,

It was a great start to the weekend when hubby and I went to a special and intimate AXN session at the Screening Room. We managed to watch the performances on Thursday's episode of Semi Finals ahead of Asia and the highlight was to catch TK Jiang performing live right before our eyes!

Every week, we catch the episodes of Asia's Got Talent, get ourselves awed by the performances and what wonderful we humans can do; that and also for me to check out the cute judge Jay Park, who's tempting me to dye my hair red...

Last week, when he gave his first Golden Buzzer to our very own home grown - TK Jiang, digital magician. We were jumping in our seats and cheering on for this Singaporean entertainer, hoping to see more of his tricks and never did we imagine actually meeting TK himself the week after!

He was very charming and friendly, when he approached both me and hubby, impressively calling out our names (someone has done his homework eh?), as he introduced himself and have a short little chat with us.

Through the many seasons of AGT, we have seen so many magic performances, but digital magic is something new that relates with our new technology age. TK Jiang had been a fan of magic since young and it was kinda blessing in disgust when his house was caught on fire. Losing everything made him reinvent and do magic with just his smartphone and laptop, thus digital magic.

It's a very fresh take on magic, especially having TK Jiang performing just steps away from us. We couldn't spot any flaws or as he taught "flashed" us anything that could give his performance away. But what he did onstage on Thursday's episode with his adorable girlfriend truly blew us away (see video above). He truly lived up to the Golden Buzzer bestowed to him and I can't wait to see what else is up his sleeves as he gets his shot at the USD100,000 grand prize and the winning title!

There are also other acts that we loved too, like the Hanoi X Girls, Yang Shih Hao and Power Duo. They come in pretty strong up against TK Jiang, so if you are a fellow Singaporean and a fan of his magic performances, vote in early so that he can get ahead of his competitors! Here's how to vote below...

New episodes of Asia's Got Talent airs every Thursday at 8.30pm (7.30pm JKT/BKK) on AXN. There will be an encore telecast of episode 1 this Sunday at 9.05pm (8.05pm JKT/BKK) on AXN. To follow the journey of this season's acts, check out #AXNAsia and #AsiasGotTalent. So keep your votes going in and I can't wait to see who the winner is/are!!!

For more information, go to www.AXN-Asia.com/AsiasGotTalent.


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