Sing! China Returns Season 2 With Live Telecast On Singtel TV's Jia Le Channel On 14th July

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Remember the time when we stay peeled to the screen, letting Nathan Hartono serenade us as he trains and sings with his mentor Jay Chou on Sing! China 《中国新歌声》? Well, this 14 July 2017, the programme is returning for a second season on Jia Le Channel (佳乐台) (Singtel TV Channel 502).

Sing! China Season 2《中国新歌声第2季》
Showing same time as China (LIVE)t
14 July 2017 - 20 October 2017
Every Friday, 9.10pm - 11pm 

This time we will see Mandopop Titans - Jay Chou and Na Ying returning as mentors and they will be joined by Eason Chan and Liu Huan on the panel to guide their protégés as they battle it out at the finals for the top spot.

The live telecast of Sing! China Season 2 program is part of Singtel TV’s 10th-anniversary celebrations and viewers can look forward to a slew of lined-up top-rated China and Taiwanese programs on Singtel TV's Jia Le Channel (佳乐台).

According to IMDA’s Singapore Television Audience Measurement (SG-TAM) system, Jia Le emerges as the number one primetime pay TV channel* among viewers aged 4 and above with pay TV subscriptions; with viewers spending an average of 80 minutes daily on the channel in the last quarter (Jan-Mar 2017) – as high as the average viewing time on MediaCorp’s Channel 8 (76 minutes daily), according to the SG-TAM’s ratings.

Jia Le Channel Key Programmes

A Touch of Green《一把青》
Starring Yang Zi Zhan, Yang Jin Hua, Lan Jun Tian, Tian Xin, Wu Kang Ren and Lian Yu Han
Now Showing, Every Saturday 9.00pm - 10.30pm

Adapted from Bai Xian Yang's novel, A Touch of Green is an unforgettable story of the horrors of WWII, spanning across 1945 to 1981. It tells the stories of 3 wives of Kuomingtang pilots as they relocate with their husbands from Nanking to Taiwan during the 1949 retreat, how they had to endure the heartbreaking events during the wat, how the supported one another through these difficult times and eventually facing eternal separation with their husbands.

This historical drama took six awards in total, including the ones for the Best Actor (Chris Wu) and Best Newcomer (Cindy Lien). If you're looking for something deep, touching and profound, don't miss this drama.

Ode to Joy Season Two 《欢乐颂 2》
Starring: Liu Tao, Jiang Rulu, Olivia Wang, Yang Zi, Qiao Xin, Wang Kai, Yang Shuo, Zhang Lu, Wu Hao Chen, Deng Lun
Coming This September

The long-awaited second season of “Ode to Joy” picks from where it left off, with stories revolving around the five girls staying on level 22 of the Ode To Joy apartment. Their relationships were initially rocky, but eventually they became good friends and neighbours. Together, they navigate their career and love lives, solving problems and growing more resilient. If you are fans of Sex And The City, this drama might be an interest to you too.

The Advisors Alliance《大军师司马懿》
Starring Wu Xiu Bo, Liu Tao, Janine Chang, Ronald Zhai, Yu He Wei, Tina Tang
Premiering End 2017

The Great Advisor of Wei – Si Ma Yi was once a timid and cautious scholar in his younger days, whose life was destined to be intertwined with the Cao family after he took a glance at Cao. He was subsequently forced by Cao to work as an official and thus was drawn into the internal disputes within the Cao family. Using his wits and strategies, he helped Cao Pi to ascend the throne and brought about stability and prosperity to his country.

Against the historical backdrop of the Three Kingdoms, this mega blockbuster production is a 400-million RMB investment that features a stellar cast line-up and took 5 years to produced this cinematic drama!

Starring: Jin Dong, Bai Baihe
10 July 2017 – 21 September 2017
Every Saturday, 10.10pm – 11pm 

Nurse Zhang was suspected of causing the death of a patient and was forced to leave the hospital. Defending his mother, her 8-year-old son then got into a fight and was punished, thereby failing to pick up his younger sister who ultimately was abducted. Depressed with her daughter’s disappearance and wrongful accusations, Zhang ended her own life.

30 years later, American Chinese top surgeon Zhuang arrived at Ren He hospital to find out the truth behind his mother’s incident and to search for his missing sister. Coincidentally, his colleague – thoracic surgeon Lu happens to be the daughter of the deceased patient.

Legend of Princess Lanling 《兰陵王妃》
Starring Baby Zhang, Andy Chen, Peng Guan Ying, Kris Shen, Peter Ho
27 July 2017 - 29 September 2017
Every Monday to Friday, 11pm -12am

In an era when states were at war and in turmoil, it was rumored that the one who holds the Qing Luan Mirror and the Warrior's Sword in both hands holds the key to unifying the states. Originally valued treasures belonging to the Dragon Clan were nowhere to be found after the war. As the only successor to the Dragon Clan, Yuan was tasked to locate these 2 valuables on order to bring peace to the warring states. In the course of doing so, she fell in love with two men she met separately - King of Lanling and Yu. Who will she pick to spend the rest of her life with?

Full House of Happiness 《老爸当家
Starring Jiang Rulu, Zhang Guo Li, Gao Xin
12 June 2017 - 4 August 2017
Every Monday to Friday, 9.20pm - 10.10pm

Reowned chef Quan brought up his four daughters single-handedly and his greatest wish is to have a harmonious family and for his daughters to be happy. His eldest daughter Fang is a homemaker who is facing a marriage breakdown because of her frugality, whilst second daughter Wei is a career woman but has become a step mother as she is married to a divorcee with a child from his previous marriage. Third daughter, Shui, she is a strong woman with a mild temperament and he relationship with a man from a rich family faces opposition from the family. Youngest daughter Ai is troubled with having to choose between her new beau and childhood love and all these whilst Quan himself meets his new love with disapprovals from a few daughters and his sister-in-law.

Chinese Poetry Conference 2 《中国诗词大会第2季》
29 July 2017 - 30 September 2017
Every Saturday, 7pm - 9pm

An original program from CCTV that celebrates the beauty of Chinese poetry set off a booming interest for the appreciation of Chinese poetry when it was first telecast in China. With participants young and old from all walks of life, Chinese poetry lovers pit their knowledge against one another in various rounds and there is never a dull moment as establishes scholars provide witty reviews and comments which adds on to the entertainment of the program. With a cumulative 1.1 billion views in its first run, the program has since won rave reviews from viewers and aroused their love for Chinese poetry.

So, there you have it! These are the highlights showing and coming to Singtel TV's Jia Le Channel. For more information on Singtel TV and Jia Le Channel, visit Jia Le Channel (Ch 502) is available on Singtel TV, Singtel TV GO and on Singtel’s video streaming portal, Cast.

Be sure to set your alarms for these shows and happy watching!

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