Welcome To Play At The New Eco-Playground At City Square Mall's City Garden

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Hi Huneybees,

You may have already know that City Square Mall is Singapore’s first eco-mall to be integrated with a 49,000 sq ft urban park named City Green but are you aware that within this ‘City Green’ houses a butterfly garden, a wide variety of plants and ecologically themed artwork and signs as well as a very popular Eco-Playground that is made from environmentally-friendly construction materials?

Well, six (6) years since its launch in March 2010, by property firm City Developments Limited (CDL) for use as an ecologically-themed venue for community activities and to provide open space for recreation, City Green gets a brand new Eco-Playground to the delight of every kid who has visited there recently (hurrah!).

The new Eco-Playground, rebuilt on top of the previous one, is a lot more colourful and has more play stations than its predecessor.

Although it may look less fancy compare to those water-themed playgrounds found in other malls where parents would have to prepare dry t-shirts and towels for the soaking wet kids, the Eco-Playground brings similar joy to the kids without getting them messy while at the sametime contributes zero (0) carbon footprint to the climate in the process.

On the subject of climate change or environmental sustainability, within City Square Mall itself, there are many eco-facts printed within the family-friendly eco-mall's corridors to encourage an eco-learning experience for visitors while the families move around for their shopping or looking for a restaurant to dine in.

Here are some eco-questions that you might want to answer the next time you and your family visit the mall:

1) What are some of the uses of dried flowers?
Clue: 5+4­7=?

2) Which birds lay the smallest eggs?
Clue: I am on Level 6

3) What is the Green Roof in the Mall shaped like, and what does it do?
Clue: Find me overlooking the Fountain Square

4) How long does it take for a forest to grow back once it has been logged?
Clue: I can be found on Level 5

Meantime, think green while having a great weekend ahead!

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